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X-Jet 200
X-Jet 200: A cutting-edge firefighting system with a high-pressure nebulized water (water mist) first intervention system.

The X-Jet 200 is the perfect solution for first attack firefighting in any environment. Its extinguishing capacity is much higher than all classic extinguishing systems, making it an ideal option for quick and efficient fire suppression. The reduced overall size of the X-Jet 200 allows for transport with small vehicles, making it highly versatile for use in hard-to-reach environments where access is limited for normal emergency vehicles.

High-pressure nebulized water, also known as water mist, is a highly effective firefighting technology that uses fine water droplets to extinguish fires. The water mist system creates a cloud of fine water droplets that cool the fire, displace oxygen, and reduce the concentration of flammable gases in the air. The system can be used in a variety of settings, including industrial and commercial buildings, hospitals, and transportation vehicles.

One advantage of water mist is that it uses less water than traditional firefighting systems, which can reduce water damage to buildings and other structures. Water mist also reduces the risk of thermal shock and can prevent re-ignition of the fire. It is also environmentally friendly, as it produces less run-off water and uses fewer chemical agents than traditional firefighting methods.

X-Jet 200

X-Jet 200

X-Jet 200
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