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X-FOG: The New Generation Fire Retardant

X-Fog is the new generation fire retardant that provides unique fire protection and is much safer to use than conventional firefighting foams. X-Fog has the capacity to revolutionise the way property and assets are protected and fires are fought throughout Australia.

Fire retardant additives are a safer alternative to conventional firefighting methods.  X-Fog offers a range of benefits over traditional foam retardants, including:

  • Up to 1000 times lower ecotoxicity

  • No harmful ingredients requiring safety warnings

  • Suitable for A- and B-class fires

  • Acts as a cooling agent for better extinguishing efficiency

  • Provides greater re-ignition protection

  • Produces less harmful emissions and smoke

  • Uses 70% less water than traditional methods

  • Optimizes sprinkler system efficiency

  • Suitable for all types of water spray

  • Can be injected or mixed directly into tank systems

  • Offers a lower cost ratio for more cost-efficient fire protection

  • Has a longer shelf life.

Overall, X-Fog offers a safer and more effective way to protect against fires while minimizing harm to people and the environment.

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What is X-Fog?

X-Fog contains 1–3% ammonium chloride. 

It is a non-toxic, inorganic, water-based fluid.

X-Fog is pH neutral (7.5), non-carcinogenic

and does not contain surfactants, PFAS,

PBDEs or phosphorous.